Last Tuesday, on November 5, we asked for your help reaching our first fundraising milestone of $1000—the minimum we need to be eligible to apply for grants through our fiscal sponsor. Just two days later we ran right past the finish line—we thank you from the apple-bottoms of our hearts. We are so gosh darn grateful for the generosity and love we’ve encountered since starting this work… “Gosh darn” doesn’t quite do the feeling justice, but gratitude is a long and lucky journey we’re happy to take.

For now, here’s a brief thank-you video from our Editor in Chief.

The people who donated to help us reach this $1000 milestone have made a new stage of Mount Island’s life possible. Along with our lovely (you’ll have to just assume) anonymous donors, we’d like to thank the following supporters:

U-Meleni Mhlaba-Adebo

Karen Saunders

Brooke Warner

James Littrell

Mary Foulk

HB Lozito

Izzy Snyder

Rebecca Speisman

Literary North

Alicia Wright

Ani King

Marty Cain

Paula Nadeau

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