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Temporarily. We will reopen in November, as announced in this blog post. Thank you for your patience!

Submission Guidelines

  • See our submission categories for genre-specific guidelines.
  • In your cover letter, please include your contact information and a brief bio.
  • All submissions must be the original work of the author or artist. Excluding interviews and reviews, unsolicited submissions must be previously unpublished in English. Submissions of works translated into English must include a copy of the work in its original language and proof of translation rights.
  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted. If any your piece is accepted for publication elsewhere, please withdraw it promptly by notifying us at, or, if you have created a user account, by using the Withdraw Submission form on your “My Submissions” page.
  • Do not send multiple submissions at once. Please wait until we have responded with our decision before submitting again.
  • We aim to respond to submissions within three to six months, but with limited means there may be occasional delays. We are grateful for your patience.

To focus on our mission of supporting rural LGBTQ and POC writers and artists, submissions of creative writing and art are restricted to people who identify as LGBTQ and/or POC.

Allies are welcome and encouraged to submit in our Interviews, Reviews, & Miscellany category. For more information, see the category guidelines below.

Honoraria & Contributor Rights

  • We acquire first serial rights worldwide in English and non-exclusive anthology rights. For interviews, reviews, and art, we acquire non-exclusive reprint rights.
  • Contributors are paid a $20 honorarium upon publication. For our Interviews, Reviews, & Miscellany category we currently offer a $10 honorarium for published pieces. Contributors whose work is anthologized in one or more of our annual print editions will receive a copy of each anthology in which their work appears.

Our Submissions Manager

Mount Island uses an in-house submissions management system that looks and feels like a low-rent Submittable, and it sure does get the job done.

You may create a free user account to track your the submissions and to save incomplete submissions as drafts.

A user account is not necessary to submit. Submitters without user accounts (guest users) must provide a valid and active email address to receive correspondence from Mount Island staff. Both guest users and registered users receive confirmations and notifications of status changes via email.

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Submission Categories

Interviews, Reviews, & Miscellany


Allies (non-LGBTQ and/or POC folks) are welcome to submit to this category. Interviews and reviews must support our mission; the interviewer/reviewer can be anyone in the world, but the interviewee/the work being reviewed must have a clear connection to rural LGBTQ and/or POC communities.


  • We accept interviews of rural LGBTQ and POC writers and artists at any stage in their careers.
  • Please include a .JPEG or .PNG image of the interviewer or their most recent work/book cover, and preface the interview with a brief introduction to contextualize the conversation.
  • The names of the interviewer and interviewee should be bolder in the body of the interview and abbreviated to initials after the first mention.
  • Please include the interviewer’s bio in the body of your email, and the interviewer’s photo as an attachment.


  • We accept reviews of books in all genres, so long as they are by rural LGBTQ and/or POC authors. In particular we welcome reviews of books published by small presses.
  • Include a .JPEG or .PNG image of the book cover as an attachment.
  • Preface your review with standard publication information (author, genre, publisher, year of publication) and a bookseller link (preferably the publisher’s website or a non-Amazon retailer such as Powell’s, Abe Books, IndieBound, or Small Press Distribution).



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