Cover art by Maria Pugnetti

Mount Island No. 3

“Tile” & “Prep” by Simeon Berry

“The Window Harvester” by Rebecca Harrison

“The Journey of Lonely Heart” by Liz Kellebrew

“Dogman’s Daughter” by Ani King

“After Remedios Varo’s Les feuilles mortes” & “After Remedios Varo’s Exploration of the Sources of the Orinoco River” by Heather Madden

Dougie Poole, interviewed by Sadie Holliday

A Doe Bride, Twilit Owl Child, Angora Mask, & Ex Reverie by Maria Pugnetti

“Little Pigs” by Monique Quintana

“Julie the Astonishing (How She Went to Salisbury Beach the Day Before She Died)” & “Monstress” by Julia Story

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