Cover art by Evan Lorenzen

Mount Island No. 1

“A Cargo Cult of the Heart” by Cassandra de Alba

“Jellyfish” & “Lamb” by Ben Aleshire

“The Sun is Far Away” by Eric Boyd

“How to peel an orange with a broken wing” by Frances Cannon

“Make a Mark Another Mark” & “We Should Ease On Like Family” by Benjamin Clark

“Rag & Bone” by Dalton Day

Burial, Self-Portrait with the Sigil of the Giant, Two Seekers, Stone, Sling, and Tower, & The New World by Bobby DiTrani

Steve Jr., interviewed by Sadie Holliday

“The Great Sulphitic Theory” by Richard Kostelanetz

“Wully and the Get Together” by Matt Kushin

“Along the Rosebud” by Tom Darin Liskey

“In The Naked City” by Emily O’Neill

“The Evolution of the Canine Race” by Lisa Lanser Rose

“How to Rescue a Softball” by Robert Vivian

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