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Staff Email Accounts

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Certain Mount Island team members will need a professional-looking @mountisland.com email address. If you’re one of those team members, this guide will help you get settled in with your account and show you how to send and receive emails from your preferred email client (Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, whatever).

Shared @mountisland.com Addresses

Some team members may need access to shared email accounts (editors@mountisland.com, info@mountisland.com, etc.). If you are one of those team members, you will receive your login info in a private email.


Your Email/Username and Password

All individual staff email addresses are [firstnamelastname]@mountisland.com, i.e. janedoe@mountisland.com.

When your staff email account is created, you will receive a notification at your personal email address with your login information, including an initial password which you should change upon logging in.


Accessing @mountisland.com Accounts

Via Our Webmail Client

Mount Island email accounts are hosted (along with our entire website) at Dreamhost, and they provide a basic webmail interface accessible in your browser. Login with your staff email address and password at the following link: http://webmail.mountisland.com/

Via an Email Client (Outlook, GMail, etc.)

To access your Mount Island email account on familiar email clients like GMail, Outlook, Spark, etc., you will need to connect your email client app to your email address via IMAP/POP and SMTP. It’s pretty simple, and most clients will guide you through the process in their own way. Below is the information you’d need to provide any of them:


Username: Your email address ([firstnamelastname]@mountisland.com)

Password: The password you set upon first logging in to your email account

Incoming Server

IMAP hostname: imap.dreamhost.com

POP hostname: pop.dreamhost.com

Outgoing Server

SMTP hostname: smtp.dreamhost.com

For more information on IMAP/POP and SMTP settings for configuring an email client, see Dreamhost’s documentation, “Email client configuration overview.”


GMail Configuration

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