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Welcome Aboard!

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Welcome! Bienvenidos! Bienvenue! Kaabo!

We are thrilled and grateful to have you on the Mount Island team. This here’s a cheat sheet to help you get started in your new role. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Editor in Chief or a Managing Editor, or shoot a distress call to Without further ado:

Your Staff Accounts

By now you will have received an initial welcome email containing this document and a few links/login credentials for our shared online workspaces. Can’t find it? Then how’d you get here?

You’ll also receive a separate automated email notice from each platform where we’ve created an account for you. You can access your accounts through those emails, but they often wind up in folks’ Spam boxes, so when in doubt look for your initial welcome email—all your new login credentials will be collected there.

Most team members will only need one or two different staff accounts, but certain roles such as Production Assistants or Managing Editors will need access to specific shared apps/services on a case by case basis.

Our main shared workspaces are: Workspace

All team members receive a staff account at our website (, where you will access our online submissions manager and a variety of other tools and resources including our team Knowledgebase, frequently used web forms, and more. Think of the Workspace as the team’s central hub. Most Reader and some Editors-at-large will only need this one account for their work.

  • Your welcome email will include your username (either your first name, first and last, or first initial and last name) password (first name and role). You may/should change this initial password once you have successfully logged in.
  • The link to our main workspace is in the top right of every page, in the main menu (click “Workspace”). This workspace and all the content within it is visible to staff-only. You must be logged in to your staff account to view and access the online workspace. If you are not, the “Workspace” menu item will not appear in the main menu. See a screenshot of the Workspace dashboard here:


Slack is a cross-platform collaboration app that centralized and streamlines communication and resource-sharing for teams with a lot of plates to spin—and we do have plates, oh yes.

All staff members are welcome to join our Slack workspace and participate in group discussions there, but Readers and certain other roles with minimal time commitments do not need Slack access for their work. Most of our more complex, project-specific communication is done there, including editors’ discussions of submissions, so team members will find plenty of interesting conversations to join. If you are not currently a member of the Slack workspace and would like to participate, you can always request access by contacting the Editor in Chief or sending a quick message to

If you aren’t familiar with Slack or apps like it, you might want to peek through these resources to get feel for it:

Additional shared apps/services are detailed in role-specific documentation.

Your Bio, Photo, and Staff Q&A

There is a spot on our Staff page waiting for your gorgeous photo and bio! Use the following form to send us your photo and bio:

We also like to post little Q&As with new team members on our website. These are just a few questions to introduce you to the community, and you can be as brief or as effusive as you like. Or you can just ignore them and do something else. Be who you gotta be. If you want to fill out a Staff Q&A, use the following form:

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