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Staff Q&A: Brianna Stallings

Staff Q&A: Brianna StallingsM. Brianna Stallings | Managing Editor, Nonfiction Editor M. Brianna Stallings is a writer and editor, though she prefers the title “Professional Word Wrangler.” She has almost 20 years of experience in...

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Staff Q&A: Jasminum McMullen

Staff Q&A: Jasminum McMullenJasminum McMullen | Editor, Fiction & Poetry Jasminum McMullen is a Sharpie pen enthusiast, a Jackson family nerd, and daughter of Oak Park, Illinois. Her poems and fiction have appeared in CRAM, Journal of Modern Poetry (JOMP),...

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Staff Q&A: Andrew Hahn

Staff Q&A: Andrew HahnAndrew Hahn | Editor, Nonfiction Andrew Hahn’s essays and poetry have been featured in Crab Creek Review, Crab Fat Magazine, Lunch, Pithead Chapel, and Glass: A Journal of Poetry among others. He holds an MFA from Vermont...

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Calling all rural LGBTQ and POC writers and artists!

Calling all rural LGBTQ and POC writers and artists! America needs help reimagining the rural TL;DR: After a long hiatus, Mount Island Magazine is returning this fall with a renewed focus: supporting rural LGBTQ and POC writers and artists. We will begin publishing...

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Staff Q&A: Desmond Peeples

Staff Q&A: Desmond PeeplesDesmond Peeples | Editor in Chief Desmond Peeples’ fiction, poetry, and nonfiction have appeared in Five [Quarterly], Big Bridge, Goreyesque, Hunger Mountain, and elsewhere, and their original music is released...

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